OEM Used parts only

1962 Porsche 356B OEM USED PARTS


Restorable parts recycled from a collector's misfortune.

I bought this 356B, a 1970 914-6, 1971 911T, and a 1996 993 C4 from a sad event that could have been much worse. An exhausted Intern returned to her father's house and parked her Jeep along side these cars. Her bedroom was above the garage. When the Jeep caught fire, only the barking of her dog woke her up to save her.


I have spent a lot of time cleaning and inspecting these parts so I can represent them as accurately as possible.  I stand behind my descriptions, and will refund anything truly misrepresented. I will supply additional detailed photos for serious inquiries, but I have to draw the line somewhere. For example, I have opened to inspect the differential gears, put have not disassembled the transmission. I can offer rebuilding / inspection services through a trusted local transmission shop with 70 years experience.  I offer this transmission with a guarrantee that the case, all shafts and gears are in good condition. I know someone who knew the car and PO; he believed the car was in excellent condition, but...

I have worked to price these parts fairly according to what I believe are fair market value. This doesn"t mean I am not negotiable. Let's be respectful. I enjoy helping enthusiasts.

I will refund on any defective non-rebuildable / misrepresented part that is not the fault of the buyer.  I do not refund return freight. I accept PayPal and will assist overseas buyers who make their own shipping arrangements.  Parts are available for inspection M-F 7:00am -4:00pm at 136 Hamilton St., Toledo, OH 43604 or by appointment on weekends.

1962 Porsche 356 Front end parts


Description of current state

This "car" is currently stored inside, and it appears to have been stored inside all its life, except for the brief period the insurance company had it.

i would like to price it based on what you need and what I can keep. I will gladly send additional detailed photos for all your areas of concern.  

For example, you may need the front axle assembly, but not the front drums.,

The front inner structure is straight and solid, as is the complete front axle beam with all the steering linkage, spindles,  steering gear, etc. in place.

 Gas tank (solid), horns, and other surviving parts are all still in position. Front bumper appears to me to be OEM aand is restorable. For someone repairing a light front end collision or rusty inner structure, this would be a great starting place.


Car parts can be seen and picked up at 136 Hamilton St., Toledo, OH 43604

M-F 7:30 - 4:00  Week ends by appointment only. Freight quotes are availble - large parts must go to a commercial address only. I accept PayPal / returns. I do not pay return freight.